experience The pier

Located just 10 miles from Charleston, South Carolina, beach lovers have been partying at the Folly Beach pier since the 1930’s. It is our goal with Pier 101 Restaurant & Bar to bring back the carefree, easy going, beach vibes from the piers of the 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Much of our menu and décor is intended to reflect these decades gone by. We hope you enjoy cold drinks, fried seafood and live music at the Edge of America on Folly Beach!

Nod to the old Pavilion

History of the Folly Beach Pier

The original Folly Beach Pier was constructed in 1921 and was known as the Atlantic Pavilion. Over the next three decades, the original Pavilion was host to thousands of beach and music lovers and boasted some of the finest musical acts in the country. In 1957, the Atlantic Pavilion and many Folly Beach restaurants including Kokomo’s (our signature drink!) burned. Ocean Plaza, as it was renamed, opened to the public in 1960 and boasted a bowling alley, dancing pavilion, skating rink, and amusement park. In 1977, a second fire plagued the pier, and Folly Beach was without a pavilion for the next thirty years. In 1995, the Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier was constructed extending 1,045 feet into the Atlantic Ocean and 23 feet above sea level. With the opening of Pier 101 Restaurant & Bar, it is our goal to pay tribute to the piers of Folly Beach past through our décor and menu. We look forward to welcoming you for cold drinks and fried seafood on “the Edge”!